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Allison Roe strides out on the cover of the new issue (#14) of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.

Famous for winning the Boston and New York marathons, Allison Roe, MBE has been active for many years in health fundraising roles and raising awareness of breast health issues.

Her inaugural column focuses on mid-life fitness.

Continuing with the theme of taking responsibility for your own health, this issue features guest contributor Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist Angela Frieswyk who teaches readers how to make home remedies for common ailments.

Have you been tired or depressed? Or perhaps wondering why you (or a friend) have a poor memory?  This issue features an article by Dr. Kelly Brogan on vitamin B12 and the crucial contribution this vitamin makes to maintaining normal brain function.

Still on the subject of brain health, Sayer Ji, Ph.D discusses new research that shows that turmeric can help protect the brain from the toxic effects of fluoride – and why this often underrated culinary herb may offer hope to people with Alzheimers.

Do you (or a friend or relative) have a child who is autistic?  Issue 14 features a review of one of the best-ever books on treatment options for people with autism – Dr. Martha Herbert’s The Autism Revolution.

Also in this issue, electro-pollution expert Paul Waddell reviews the documentary “Science, Microwaves and Lies”. This documentary follows the struggle of a local community to oppose the erection of a cell phone tower in their neighbourhood and makes compelling viewing.

The new electronic “smart meters” being introduced to measure electricity use have been in the news recently. This issue features an update on the “smart meter” situation, including some of the commonly reported adverse effects from these microwave radiation-emitting devices, and the tricks used by electricity companies to make people think that they have to have a “smart meter”, when there is no law that requires consumers accept them.

The cover story, “Why Antibiotics Are Making Us All Sick” is an eye opener and goes a long way to explaining why our common health is rapidly deteriorating, as well as talking about what we can do to recover from the damage being done.  (For those struggling with winter “bugs” we profile Elderberry extract which offers a delicious way to fight bacteria and viruses.)

“Menopause Made Easy”by naturopath Tina Gale is one article not to be missed, as it explains what the problems are as well as the solutions for common mid-life symptoms.

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is always 100 pages of essential – some would say “life saving – information that never goes out of date.

Always thorough, yet always accessible.

– Katherine Smith, Editor


Free screening of Beings of Frequency

This important documentary will screen for free on September 23 in Auckland.  For full details, please see this link:

CDC whistleblower admits MMR-Autism fraud

At the link below you can see a presentation produced by the Autism Media Channel concerning how a government scientist who worked for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA has broken more than a decade of silence to confess how he and his colleagues produced a fraudulent paper on autism and the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.  The paper fraudulently stated that there was no link between the MMR vaccine and autism, when in fact that data that the researchers analysed showed that MMR vaccination at a young age was associated with increased risk of autism – particularly for African-American boys.

You can learn all about this story at the following link:

(If you have friends or family members who are pregnant or have babies or young chidlren please consider sharing this post with them as the NZ mainstream media, to the best of my knowledge, has not covered this important issue.

More information on the MMR vaccine may be found at this link: )

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The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine index issue 1 – 13 inclusive

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The Big Latch On: Breastfeeding Promotion

Women all over New Zealand will join forces in celebration of breastfeeding, taking part in The Big Latch On, the 2nd and 3rd of August.

 To find out where your nearest Big Latch On event is being held go to

Ed note: If you are pregnant or have a baby and would like information about or  support during breastfeeding, please visit

In addition to information and practical guidance in how to help a new baby “latch on” to the breast, good nutrition, plenty of fluids and sufficient rest are helpful in to establishing – and continuing – breastfeeding.  Recognising this, some countries pay for household help in the post-natal period to allow women to rest, recover from giving birth and establish breastfeeding without the stress of managing a household as well.


More about The Big Latch On is here:

The Women’s Health Action initiative – now in its 10th year – will see thousands of women from different cultures and backgrounds simultaneously breastfeeding their babies in public events nationwide.

Women’s Health Action Maternal and Child Health promoter, Isis McKay says The Big Latch On is all about celebrating and supporting breastfeeding women.

“84.4 percent of babies born in a New Zealand hospital are exclusively breastfed on discharge, a figure which puts us among the top in the OECD. This figure drops dramatically after six weeks and by the time the baby is six months, less than 20 percent of women are exclusively breastfeeding – which is one of the lowest rates in the OECD.

“Recognising that lack of support is one of the biggest hurdles to women continuing to breastfeed, The Big Latch On aims to celebrate this health-giving, mother – child bond with a massive public and on-line display.”

To mark the event’s decade anniversary, Women’s Health Action has initiated a virtual Big Latch On. For the first time, women can take part by posting a breastfeeding selfie to #biglatchonNZ

“There is evidence that women increase their internet use by up to 45 percent after becoming mothers and if they’re back at work or unable to make it to a physical Big Latch On, this on-line option may work for them.

“We encourage all breastfeeding women and their whanau, partners and friends to take part in either their local Big Latch On, or by posting a breastfeeding photo online via #biglatchonNZ.”

In 2013 more than 130 breastfeeding events were held in venues throughout New Zealand. Each event is unique; shaped to fit each community’s ethos and culture.

“From a maternal gathering on a pig farm, to en-masse marae sit-ins, we’ve even had women taking part 30,000 feet in the air; an in-flight Big Latch On!

“We’re hoping for a record turnout of women, babies and supporters to celebrate ten years of The Big Latch On in New Zealand,” says Ms McKay.

The Kiwi non-profit organisation’s initiative has taken off internationally and is now run in 28 countries worldwide. Last year 14,536 babies took part in The Big Latch On events around the world.

The event has changed in focus over the ten years.

“Breastfeeding in public was still stigmatised ten years ago, so back then, The Big Latch On was fairly controversial. Our aim then was about gaining acceptance.

“While attitudes have changed, it is clear from the statistics that we need to keep reducing the barriers for women to be able to breastfeed for longer,” says Ms McKay.

To find out where your nearest Big Latch On event is being held go to



Website editor’s note:  If you are expecting a baby or already have a baby or young children, you may enjoy The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine which regularly features articles that are relevant to pregnant women and parents.

Our home page is  You may find the section on Children’s Health and Development on our site to be a useful source of information.

You can buy copies of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine or download free “peek inside” PDFs of the first 20 pages of each issue from our store at this link:


Source for information on The Big Latch On: Women’s Health  Action Press Release.



August 30: Reducing Breast Cancer Risk Seminar

This event has now come and gone.  Please see the Breast Cancer Network’s website for more information:


The Breast Cancer Network which focuses on the prevention of breast cancer is running a  ‘Reducing Breast Cancer Risk’ Seminar on August 30.


The details are as follows:

Date and Time: Saturday 30th August 9.00am – 4.30pm

Venue: Kings School, 258 Remuera road, Remuera, Auckland

Topics: genes, hormones, environment, lifestyle, nutrition, stress

Cost: $60.00 entry includes lunch plus morning/afternoon tea

All welcome.  Limited seating – registration required.

Please see for more information.


You may also like to download the attached documents.  One is a flyer in  case you have time to print this off and put this up in your community to let women know about this event.

Breast cancer risk reduction flyer

Breast cancer risk reduction seminar timetable

Breast Cancer Network media release


NB:  If you are interested in reducing your risk of breast cancer, and other cancers, you will enjoy The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  Our home page is You can buy copies or download free “peek inside” PDFs of the first 20 pages of each issue from our store at this link:

Urgent raw milk consultation…feedback due by 5pm July 8 2014

This is URGENT and important for everyone who drinks RAW MILK and for those who want raw cows and goats milk available to perhaps not yourselves but for others you know…to make their wishes known to the NZ government’s Ministry for Primary Industries.


    “The Ministry for Primary Industries invites all interested parties to make written submissions on the issues raised and options presented in this consultation  document. MPI is particularly interested in receiving feedback on the practical implementation of each option.”

So if you are keen to be able to continue sourcing raw milk, however you currently do, then PLEASE take the time to type a few words down and send to MPI/NZ.

All submissions must be in BEFORE 5:00pm Tuesday 8 July 2014.


You can either do all or part of the submission online via this link
or our preferred choice, email your own submission to 
All submissions must be in BEFORE 5:00pm Tuesday 8 July 2014.

Information on raw milk from a NZ perspective may be found here: while an international pro-raw milk website is here:


NB:  If you are interested in nutrition, you will enjoy The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  Our home page is You can buy copies or download free “peek inside” PDFs of the first 20 pages of each issue from our store at this link:

Videos from launch event on June 15, 2014

June 15 was the official launch data for issue 13 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine as well as the new online Natural Medicine Resource and Events Directory

Held in Auckland’s Mount Eden War Memorial Hall, this event was compered by the publisher of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine Jonathan Eisen and featured four guest speakers.

First to speak was Dr. Wayne McCarthy who shared his experiences as a naturopathic physician specialising in ozone therapy.  Dr. McCarthy practises at Global Health Clinics in Takapuna, Auckland and at the Northland Environmental Health Centre in Whangarei.  He described the large range of conditions in which ozone can be applied in medicine, particularly infections and as a treatment for conditions in which there is poor circulation. One condition in which ozone can be used to good effect is diabetic gangrene.  Ozone can provide oxygen to revitalise oxygen-starved tissues which are succumbing to infection and once this medical crisis (which could lead to amputation, if not successfully treated)  has been resolved, EDTA chelation therapy can be used to reduce plaque deposits in the blood vessels and improve circulation.

You can see Dr. McCarthy speak here:


The second speaker, John Oxlade introduced the new Natural Medicine Resource and Events Directory.  John and Pip Oxlade have been running the NZ Holistic Health for many years.  Their new Natural Medicine Resource and Events Directory provides a convenient way for practitioners and businesses to advertise goods and services and for people who want to find a practitioner or learn about local events or training opportunities in their local area to access this information.

You can see John Oxlade speak here:


Our third speaker for the afternoon, Dr. Sam Shay, DC, PGDip(Acu), who practises at Hamilton’sNatural BodyLink clinic poignantly described how medical misadventure prematurely ended his grandfather’s life.  He then explained the fundamentals of good health – and how disease and dysfunction can be addressed through identifying the causes and using appropriate treatments, including lifestyle modifications.  Dr. Shay’s website is

You can see Dr. Shay speak here:
The final speaker for the day, Patrick van der Burght is the Director of Geovital Australia and New Zealand  Geovital is a business that offers assessments of homes and businesses for electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields and remediation advice in the case of buildings that have unhealthy levels of EMR or EMF.  Patrick van der Burght gave an overview of the sorts of issues that can be found in homes and the options for improving the home environment.

You can see Patrick van der Burght speak here:


Thank you to  Vinny Eastwood for filming the event and editing the footage.  You can learn more about Vinny’s work by visiting his website   (Please consider supporting his work with a regular donation if you appreciate the work he puts into creating an alternative to an often censored and stodgy mainstream media.)

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine holds events of this type from time to time.  Subscribers are advised in advance of these events by email. 

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Katherine Smith

June 25: Documentary examines breast screening

This event has now come and gone…however, Tauranga Monthly Film Nights holds screenings of many interesting films (including a screening of the award-winning documentary on “smart meters” Take Back Your Power  so you may want to visit the group’s Facebook page (details below).

There is also a Facebook page for the film The Promise at this link:



The Promise – the truth about the routine breast screening program”.

If you have breasts, or you love someone who has breasts, this film may be one of the most important you will ever see.

Wednesday, 25th June 7.00pm.

Wesley Centre, 100 Thirteenth Avenue ( map link )


Entry $8.00, cash only, at door (light supper included)

‘The Promise’ is a well researched, authoritative documentary that examines the benefits and risks of mass mammographic screening, and looks at alternative screening methods that address its shortcomings. The film’s title comes from the ‘promise’ that screening mammography will reduce the incidence of late stage breast cancer and cancer deaths by detecting breast cancer early; however, after 25 years of breast cancer screening in the UK, it seems that it is not living up to this promise.

With an increasing body of peer-reviewed independent research shedding doubt on the efficacy and safety of mammograms this film is a must-see. (See attached resource sheet for further information and links to research).

Guest speakers Truly Godfrey and Dr Mike Godfrey will be on hand to answer questions, discuss alternatives, and demonstrate a thermography machine in action (we reassure you no breasts will be bared during the demo!).

For more information:


We look forward to seeing you there.


Tauranga Monthly Film Nights team.

Follow us on Facebook –
then click Like

Testimonials for this film include:

“Wonderful film, thought provoking, challenging and intelligent. This film gives women information and options to take their health back into their own hands”

“Loved the film for the way it gives information and exposes the misinformation given to women who really believe they are taking care of their health when they show up for a mammogram”

“Very impressed by a logical common sense review…It has become apparent that archaic systems of detection and procedure may border on barbaric. Quite simply the whole system needs to be reviewed and women need to be informed of choices…”.

NB:  If you are interested in reducing your risk of breast cancer, and other cancers, you will enjoy The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  Our home page is You can buy copies or download free “peek inside” PDFs of the first 20 pages of each issue from our store at this link:



Apology to Australian subscribers

We would like to offer an apology to our Australian subscribers who are having to wait longer than expected for their copy of issue 13.

We have changed the way we are sending out mail to Australian subscribers (a change which in the long run will improve service) however with this first issue there have been some teething problems, hence the delay.

We hope the copies will arrive within the next fortnight.

Issue 13 is a great issue and we thank you for your patience.








Featured contributor: David Etheredge

Editor’s introduction: Like many people who are involved in the natural and/or “alternative” health movement, David Etheridge’s interest in health began with his struggle with ill health.

The author of the article “Simple Electricity for Fighting Disease” (in issue 12 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine) shares the story of his own health problems – and their resolution, below.


Growing up, I spent a lot of time outdoors, playing in ditches and marshy areas. I apparently picked up some parasites that caused asthma and allergies. I also was exposed to some molds that caused sinus issues as well as leading to more frequent colds and flu over the years. At the age of about 20 I was diagnosed as having three different intestinal parasites and was treated but was not able to get rid of them. At the age of 50 I was in serious health condition and was told that I would have to pay a premium for either health insurance or life insurance. Among the issues that I had, other than parasites, allergies, chronic sinus problems, was IBS, colitis, and extreme sleep apnea. I  used to have to keep a medicine cabinet full of medications such as Contact, Allerest, Nyquil, inhalers, nasal sprays, and antibiotics.

In 1993, when I first heard about a device that used electricity to kill microbes and other pathogenic or parasitic organisms, I was very skeptical but at the same time, curious. I has studied biology and chemistry in both high school and in college but had never heard of any such approach. Even when I attended graduate school, working towards a masters degree in biomedical engineering that I never finished, there was never a mention that electricity might be used to fight disease and illness.

However, I set the article aside and decided that sometime down the road, I would look into it. Years passed and I never took the time to look at the article again, but something change during the period of 1999 to 2001. During that period, I experienced several bouts of the flu in a short term as did most of the people that I worked with. Unlike most seasonal flu, this flu was worse and it was not unusual for people to miss 3 to 4 days of work or even spend a week being bed ridden. One person was not having the extensive illness that other were and I asked him his secret. He reached into his pocket and handed me a little hand made electronic device that had a 9 volt battery attached. I replied, I have heard about these things but did not believe that they could really work.

After a few minutes of discussion, he let me borrow his unit as he had a spare. I took the unit home and put it on the coffee table and left it there, still being skeptical. A few nights later, after dinner, I developed a chill and aching muscles, leading me to the realization that I was coming down with the  flu. I decided to be brave and picked up the little zapper, turned it on, and held it for a little over an hour. At that point, I felt very tired and went to be expecting to be really sick in the morning.

Amazingly, I woke up a little earlier than usual the next morning and felt great. I actually felt better than I had in several years because of the several health issues that I had. I was completely impressed and immediately started looking for a zapper to buy on the Internet. I was upset by some of the outrageous prices. As a result, I studied, built my own ( ParaZapper was one of the first dual frequency zappers made ) and decided at the encouragement of friends to market these devices.

Today, at the age of almost 64, I am much healthier than I was at 50, I had a very mild, 2 day bout of H1N1 this last year and only had short mild cases of the flu 3 times since I started zapping. My parasites appear to be gone, I do not suffer from IBS or colitis any more, I have relieved some serious tooth infections and abscesses, relieved spider bites, and gotten rid of recurrent skin cancer. What more can I ask from a product that is so reasonably priced and that has saved me thousands in medical cost. Today, there is little of anything in my medicine cabinet. I have not needed Nyquil, Contact, or Allerest since I started using a zapper.

While there are many zapper makers and sellers out there, most make a product but do not seek to make significant improvements. Some have been around for almost 20 years and think, sadly and regrettably, that their product is perfect when that is far from the truth.

What we offer today is a range of products to cover the financial and functional needs of most likely users. At the top of this range is the ParaZapper MY which exceeds anything else out there in convenience and effectiveness. The ParaZapper MY and several other models of Hulda Clark Zappers and Rife Frequency Zappers are available at    You can also find additional information at where a book is sold about the topic.



Food hui in Albany, Auckland on June 5, 2014

This event has come and gone but I have left it on the website for people who need inspiration.  If you are interested in sustainable local food production you may also enjoy



A food hui will be held on June 5 at the Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre in Albany.  This is a great way to learn about sustainable food production and be inspired by what other people are doing in their communities. Please see the illustration below for details.


Food hui poster


Learn about electromagnetic radiation and your health

This event has come and gone but the presentation was videoed and you can view the footage at this link:

NB: Subscribers to The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine are emailed information about our events in advance;  if you are not a subscriber you can sign up to our email list at this link to receive emails about upcoming event.

For more information about Patrick van der Burght’s work, please see this link:


Learn about radiation issues found in most homes, things you can do, and what professional protection for long-term benefit looks like

Patrick van der Burght, Director Geovital Australia and New Zealand, will be giving a presentation/talk on the subject of domestic radiation exposure at the launch of issue 13 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.

In his informative, visual presentation you will hear about subjects like:

  • Different types of radiation commonly found in homes
  • Some research on radiation exposure and health
  • Geopathic stresses
  • Brief introduction to the Geovital verifiable solutions

Geovital will also be available to answer your more personal questions and workshop inquires.

Location: Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, Auckland*
Date: Sunday 15th of June 2014
Time: Afternoon
Duration: 30-45 min

*Please see this link for the venue and other details for the event

For more information about Patrick van der Burght’s work, please see this link:

Localising Food Project needs your support

Update 26 June 2014: This fundraising appeal was successful…Thank you to everyone who contributed!

  For ongoing information about the Localising Food Project and/or to buy DVDs, please visit


Editor’s note: The Localising Food Project led by Robina McCurdy needs YOUR help so that it can reach its goal of completing a documentary on local food production.  There is a crowd funding appeal set  up on FundMe and $7,000 needs to be pledged by 11 pm June 7 . 

Please read the appeal below from Robina and contribute  at if you can.  Many thanks.




Dear Friends & Colleagues




We at /Earthcare Education Aotearoa/ implore you to consider our crowdfunding campaign on ‘Pledge Me’ to help us finish producing our GROWING SCHOOLS Documentary.


Growing Schools‘ showcases empowered kiwi kids involved in transforming their school grounds into abundant food gardens. It explores the proven benefits of gardening and nature connection for children’s motivation,academic achievement, health and wellbeing.


This is how kids, parents, teachers and whole communities are making a big difference to turning around the grinding issues of diet related health and child poverty in our beautiful country where tragically 270,000 kiwi kids are deprived of basic daily nourishment and most are eating foods known to cause disease


Our PledgeMe campaign has raised $4500 – a fantastic effort!- but we have only 2 weeks to go (till 11.00pm, Saturday 7 JUNE) to raise another $2500 to reach our minimum needed TARGET of $7000 and if we don’t reach it we cant receive ANY of the pledged monies.

(PledgeMe requires stipulated targets must be reached or surpassed to receive any of the pledged money)


So Please click to view our campaign here – – watch our inspiring Growing Schools 3 minute trailer, check out our sweet ‘thank you rewards’ and importantly make a pledge – whatever you can  to help get us over the finish line.


Every pledge, no matter how big or small, will collectively contribute towards the production of this positive solutions resource for distribution to schools, teachers, parents, and organisations throughout the country.


Please don’t wait until it’s too late – please act now with your pledge.

For just a few minutes and a few dollars, you can be part of the group that increases the security and resilience of our food in this nation.



With appreciation for your support


Robina McCurdy and the
Localising Food Project Team -
 a dynamic multimedia programme mobilising community food systems across Aotearoa/NZ

Institute of Earthcare Education Aotearoa


Kay Baxter from Koanga Institute national speaking tour

Editor’s note:  As you may know, the Koanga Institute, started by Kay Baxter holds New Zealand’s premiere heritage seed and fruit tree collection. Kay is currently touring NZ to raise money to buy the land on which the has been established. Below is an email from naturopath Caroline Marshall explaining the importance of the tour.

Details of the talks may be found at this link


Hi All.

As you may already know funds are urgently required to buy the Koanga Institutes leasehold land, as the owners now want to sell it to commercial forestry interests, but have given Kay until June to come up with the money to buy it instead.

Yesterday, as a volunteer for the 3 Auckland talks, which are part of her nationwide FUND raising tour, I attended the 3 hr talk of NZ famous heritage seeds and tree saver, Kay Baxter of the Wairoa based, Koanga Institute.
Brilliant – everyone who cares about our food supply, our environment and the health and well being of ourselves and future generations needs to hear her!!!

Kay also talks about Dr Weston A Price.  Kay used to be the Weston A Price Foundation chapter leader for the Hawke’s Bay however isn’t anymore, I imagine, due to these more immediate pressing concerns.

This is more than a talk – the institute’s “shop” is traveling with them too.
Lots of booklets, a few select books, seed packs, and if you join the institute, ($45) then you receive an excellent garden planner which contains very practical and easy to follow useful information, such as, when to plant what and most importantly when to expect to be able to harvest your bounty from the heritage seeds!

Without being patronising or anything like that, the garden planner seems like a Gardening for Idiots guide really -  Kay seriously wants to make it very easy for everyone, despite many city folk being reluctant to do so, for whatever reason, sew a few seeds and feed themselves and maybe even share with others – just like we used to when I was growing up down country :-)

I remember every time my mother and I visited her sisters and her rural friends we’d come home with cuttings of this and that plant, a box of veges and maybe some fruit.   As soon as we got home the cuttings would be kept in the newspaper wrapping but placed in the wash house tub until mum had time to plant it.   Despite raising three children on her own and working full time, mum dutifully planted silverbeet, carrots, parsnips, rhubarb, pumpkin, a lemon tree, maybe apple trees etc etc as she had grown up on a farm and therefore knew how to grow some food.
In our hot water cupboard I remember there often being seeds drying for various food plants, pumpkin seeds come to mind immediately, they were usually in recycled tins cans.   Mum’s great, great grand mother, Emily Marshall (yes I had Marshall’s on both of my parents sides of the family) was responsible for importing many of the old fashioned ornamental plants that are still around NZ – eg the South African Red Hot Poker.   NZ author and illustrator, Kerry Carmen, recorded those stories in an historical book called Emily’s Garden The Colonial New Zealand Garden of a Suffolk Lady.

Anyway I digress, please visit  for further details about the Auckland talk and a list of the other places so far destined for a talk.

Kay would also like to hear from those of you who are in areas not listed, as they are keen to spread NZ grown food heritage far and wide, so may consider a talk closer to you.
They are also following up with teaching hands on WORKSHOPS following straight on from the speaking tour.

PLEASE PLEASE GO ALONG – support a vital cause and experience this very interesting & important talk again this Monday and Tuesday nights in Mt Eden, Auckland or coming up soon in other centres.

Please share far and wide.

Best regards,
Caroline    :-)

Caroline Marshall BHSc (Comp Med)
Naturopath-nutritionist-medical herbalist

Weston A Price Foundation
Chapter Leader for
South & East Auckland.


Invitation to book launch

June 26 update: This event has now come and gone but you can become informed about the authors’ work by visiting the websites and



Following on from the sell-out success of their book Feed Me Right, mother and daughter team Dee and Tamarin Pignéguy now bring you Grow Me Well, which takes you further on your journey towards understanding the link between healthy food and a healthy body.  This excellent book is reviewed in issue 13 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.

There will be a book launch on Monday, May 26 on the first floor of Auckland’s Takapuna Library starting from 6 pm.

Please see the poster below for details.

Book Launch - GMW

Apology to subscribers

We apologise to subscribers who may have been trying to reach our subscriptions manager and not receiving any response.

Her phone and email have not yet been connected following recent a move.  They should be operational by the end of this week. In the interim, any subscriber or other enquiries may be emailed via this link: